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0001012HellionBug2019-03-23 12:20
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Summary0001012: Interrupted warp, ship is a very long way off course line

If a warp is interrupted (either accidentally of deliberately) the ship may exit warp a very long way from its warp line. The SShot shows a warp from Bethyr to Ia and the spot where I excited warp by accidentally pressing "W" instead of "2" ;)

(This is confirmed by at least 1 other player.)

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related to 0001025 acknowledged Interrupted warp exit is opposite side of Hellion 




2019-03-19 09:19


20190318191623_1.jpg (118,913 bytes)
20190318191623_1.jpg (118,913 bytes)


2019-03-19 14:49

administrator   ~0001939

Where did the ship end up don't quite get it form the SShot?



2019-03-19 18:04

administrator   ~0001941

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Start point was the arrow bottom right (pointing left to Bethyr).
Destination was Ia (left edge of picture).
Warp exit point was my ship, indicated by the arrow to the right of Ia, pointing right.

The warp starting point symbol is in completely the wrong place :)



2019-03-21 02:42

administrator   ~0001949

Yes I had same Issue, Ran out of power during warp and it put me nowhere near where i was warping to and from, Initially warping from Hirath to Bethyr, plotted course 5-6 mins, after losing power and stopped mid warp due to lack of power, the warp to bethyr from this new location then took 12-13 minutes, to get home. lucky i had a spare full warp cell, looks like the orbit path reverted back to begining where Hirath location was when the server initially started, ship location was in the correct place between orbit lines of Hirath and Bethyr, just on a clockwise rotation around the Hellion Star of maybe 120 degrees, to where the Planets actually were.



2019-03-21 03:14

reporter   ~0001951

thread from 2019-03-19

[quote=Zorz;1835685838086008572][quote=kyletcarter;1835685838084136726]Running out of power before finishing flight? [/quote]

was in warp(warp2) back from hirath to bethyr and i ran out of power. normaly there was ~5minutes left. it took me 22minutes and a 2/3 warpcell to arrive in bethyr because i was on the correct orbit between bethyr and hirath, but on wrong position on the orbit :D

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20190311213301_1.jpg (88,832 bytes)
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20190311213608_1.jpg (81,962 bytes)


2019-03-21 03:43

reporter   ~0001952

I can confirm this. If I can find the file, I'll post it.

When jumping from 'A' to 'B' and cancelling FTL travel midway using RCS, the ship is placed in a random area of space. If jumping within the gravity well of a planet, the cancelled jump will place you at a random point inside that specific system.

I haven't attempted to cancel outside the gravity well of a planet because I have no idea where it will place me within the Hellion solar system.

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