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0001025HellionBug2019-03-29 10:40
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Product Version0.4.1 
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Summary0001025: Interrupted warp exit is opposite side of Hellion

This is a variant of the bug reported for 0.4.0, but it may help with understanding the error.

The attached SShot shows the story. The worst results happen when warping towards an inner planet from an outer planet, because the constantly changing orbit during warp is one around Hellion. A relog made no difference.

Warp was from a high orbit of Bethyr to a ship on a doomed orbit of Arhlan. The place where I pressed "W" to cancel the warp is marked by the arrow.

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related to 0001012 acknowledged Interrupted warp, ship is a very long way off course line 




2019-03-23 12:18


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