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0001068HellionBug2019-04-22 15:15
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Product Version0.4.1 
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Summary0001068: Player moves around fine on own client, but appears in "Cryo Position" to other players (pic)

Player moves around fine on own client, but appears in "Cryo Position" to other players (pic)

In this bizarre bug, another player appears to be in the Cryo Bed position as they move around, literally floating down the hallway backwards! We have some video of this if it's needed.

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Random occurrence - difficult to reproduce

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Our Grid

Our Grid

2019-04-14 21:05


20190331005521_1.jpg (242,591 bytes)
20190331005521_1.jpg (242,591 bytes)
Our Grid

Our Grid

2019-04-21 02:17

reporter   ~0002061

Here is another instance.....

Luke-Flying.jpg (299,867 bytes)
Luke-Flying.jpg (299,867 bytes)


2019-04-22 15:15

reporter   ~0002062

very very old bug.. is reported multiple times and is ingame since years or since hellion came out on steam..

here is one of the reports in feedback tracker from ~1,5 years ago or just search in bugreports for "cryo position":

please close this report and link it as dublicate to the one of the 0.2.7 version report where "investigating" is on the ticked..

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