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0001076HellionBug2019-05-22 12:08
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Status investigating 
Product Version0.4.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001076: All items fell out of repected slots/shelves

I know people have lost nanite cores, so this may be a repeat. In this report, I lost all items.

I warped into an area of high activity. Once I came out of warp, you can hear in the background the sound of items falling to the floor. All parts fell out their respective slots (warp cells, T2 det, nanite core, suits, injectors, servos, etc). A relog did not correct the issue.

I left the ship (EVA) thinking that some parts my be 'floating' underneath. They were were no where to be found. The ship was lost.

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2019-05-10 04:20

reporter   ~0002075

Similar issue warped to a belt to mine warped back to haven everything on all shelves gone possible fall through. suits batteries few other things



2019-05-15 03:26

reporter   ~0002078

If its your base, log off and on 'sometimes' restores all the items. (unless you starting picking them up, then it appears the client 'saves' that over the server 'view' of the base.

If it happens on a ship....the items are gone...

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