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0001077HellionSuggestion2019-04-18 18:02
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Summary0001077: Efficiency jump between tiers is too simple.

The efficiency jump between tiers of components is too simple. You'd think the "quests" would give incentive to "try" them until they can get tier 3; that is not the case. Now I just want to skip the missions entirely, after getting the Agres.

I do not recommend making anything harder about jumping straight into tier 3. I suggest that T1 and T4 remain as they are, but that jumps between them each possess the same jump of efficiency as the last.

I am a proponent for gameplay that should not be complicated just to be complicated. However, this is exactly a point where that idea was overthought. Going to -60% resource consumption at tier 2 is just a waste of a player's time. Get the Agres, put in two T1 military cores, get to a T3 system, suppliment a T1 military core by supplanting the other military core.

Calculate. It's been a while since calculus, so I brute forced this. But it came down to something like this for Resource Injectors and Servo Motors:

T1 .5 [-50% use]
T2 .368 [-63.2% use] (could just round to .37 for simplicity)
T3 .271 [-72.9% use] (could just round to .27 for simplicity)
T4 .2 [-80% use]

The previous tiers (.5, .4, .3, .2 factors) grant a giant boon for simply getting the item at tier 1. T2 causes generators and components to use 80% as much as T1. T3 causes them to use 75% as much as T2. T4 causes them to use 66.67~% as much as T3. It is nice that each tier is a more efficiency jump than the last; but then we should give that incentive to T2 over T1. The nothing to T1 jump should not be good as the T1 to T2 jump.

Thank you for your consideration. If you decide to maintain course, it is not a big deal. I suspect most servers will be heavily modified at release. Another option is to kick new players in the nuts with a somewhat reduced T1 advantage. It's been a while since I did calculus, but you could figure out what lower value you could set T1 at to follow the rate of change for these efficiency jumps. I can do it if someone's saying "let's do that".

It's a game, and this probably won't be taken seriously. Someone in discord told me I should post it. The game is amazing! Thank you so much for bringing Hellion to my life.

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Mr Sparkles

Mr Sparkles

2019-04-18 18:02

reporter   ~0002055

I think it's unclear, but I think the current values make everyone just skip tier 2. Material gathering is largely inconsequential. Either you go get it, or you don't. Seems like tier 2 is just a big skip.

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