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0001078HellionBug2019-05-22 11:56
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Product Version0.4.1 
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Summary0001078: Docking to another player’s initial “Contingency” CQM loses your base location.

While exploring around Bethyr the scanner picked up a contingency station. Warped to station and the only thing there was a CQM with the flashing red light. As soon as my ship docked to the CQM my home base location was lost and the nav map showed the home base button as red.

Because these stations are in doomed orbits they usually get destroyed. This one may have survived the initial decay and was looping again. I have been on doomed stations in EVA as the orbit decayed to burn up. I survived the incident but my ship and station did not. It’s possible some modules survive too. In any event docking to contingency bases appear to reset your base location to null as if you are starting the game in fresh start mode.

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