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0001097HellionBug2019-05-25 22:20
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Status investigating 
Product Version0.4.2 
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Summary0001097: Singleplayer client loses connection when your computer loses to the internet

My Internet performs a reconnect every day between 5 & 6 am.
If i'm playing the game in Singleplayer (as far as I understand it's a local server you connect to) when the reconnect happens, my client looses the connection, and nothing ingame reacts anymore (I can walk around, but can't press buttons, pick stuff up) and the ships stops moving as well

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2019-05-25 22:20

reporter   ~0002092

Maybe a bit late, but thats the Log-File after the last time that happeneds

output_log.rar (2,309 bytes)

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