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0001118HellionBug2019-06-08 11:00
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Product Version0.4.2 
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Summary0001118: access inventory through walls of Steropes.

Can access Inventory’s handguns through wall from storage side. And can access some of the Rack storage and big guns (other wall) form bridge side

This is great and bad if you lock your self in the bridge for protection you can access some of your big guns if you have them, same goes for the bad guys can get your handguns.

I have only played the v0.42 for a few hours (58) I read some where that you made access looting easier not sure what you change but if you open your inventory you should be only able to access what you see, and not the stuff hided in drawers and box without opening them.

Steps To Reproduce

Walk up to front Starboard wall in storage room on the Steropes ship and access your inventory
Bridge door open or close dose not mater.

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2019-06-08 10:52


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2019-06-08 11:00

reporter   ~0002099

Same for the back door can get the fire extinguisher and resource injector

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