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0001134HellionBug2019-06-30 15:54
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Product Version0.5.0 
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Summary0001134: Life support not pressurising or generating air

Steropes anchored to AM
Starter base with Haven, AM, FM.

Tried to pressurise Steropes for a trip and the red "STOP" button appears but there is only sound and air animation in the Steropes airlock.
The pressure does not increas at all. Stays at zero.

On reentering the AM the prep room was at 0 BAR (the whole base was at 0.9 BAR when I left to enter the Steropes).

Neither relog nor client restart makes any difference.

Then I tried to generate air in the outpost. Again, buttons change state but no air is generated.

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2019-06-30 15:54

administrator   ~0002110


I exited the game after the above description and waited for the next server restart.

The servers restart fixed the LS problems, and air had been generated and some resources used.

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