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0001140HellionBug2019-07-02 09:16
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Summary0001140: Pick up suit in derelict, suit swaps, died

This is a bug I have seen in previous builds:

I went to a Refinery Section at Askatar.
I was wearing a T3 MK9 suit.
I picked up a T3 Proteus suit in the derelict corridor.
There was a bump and instant colour change of the scene.
My hands were outstretched but no EVA suit was in them.
I then started to suffocate. I looked at my inventory and it showed me wearing an EVA suit and holding a MK9 suit.
I tried to place the MK9 on a shelf and remove the EVA... but too late, I suffocated.
(Lost my ship which I had just got together after mysteriously losing my Steropes, and the T3 det etc. I had just been given by Smokey.)

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2019-07-02 09:16

administrator   ~0002114

There are 3 things in common with all the other times this has happened:

  1. Player is wearing a MK9 suit.
  2. An EVA suit is picked up inside a derelict corridor.
  3. The player bumps into either the inside or the outside of the derelict.

I also think the derelict was rotating in every case, but I am not 100% sure.

The suit swap is instantaneous and happens immediately after the player hits the derelict.

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