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0001143HellionBug2019-07-09 14:15
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Summary0001143: Ship crashes when jumping to custom orbit of Evereststation

I can confirm! Ship crashes on exiting hyperspace near Everest station. So here are all the screenshots - tested on clean save just now. Jumping from custom high orbit around Bethyr, jumping to high custom orbit of Everest, NO obstacles on the way - jumping just fine - last screenshot showing already very near destination orbit it's absolutely empty and then in 2-3 seconds "ship crashed" check screenshots on pcloud
People from steam and youtubers are also experiencing that. Very frustrating.

Steps To Reproduce

Jump to high custom orbit around Bethyr
Place a custom orbit as high as it goes around Everest station (it would fit just behind debris ring)
Jump on this new custom orbit (make sure you path doesn't intersect with anything)
Monitor process with a map
Just on arrival ship crashes regardless

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2019-07-03 13:48




2019-07-07 13:32

administrator   ~0002117

I confirm the above.
Easy to repeat.
"Your ship crashed" on arrival without any objects in the warp path.
(Tested on Single Player.)



2019-07-09 14:14

reporter   ~0002118

we already cleared the issue in steam thread days ago..
it'S normal that they explode and they should explode around every celestrial body as long u maximize the custom orbit to the "blue sphere"..

no need of extra confirmation.. it'S easy to repeat yes, like the line flat orbit bug, yes, but devs don't want or don't can't fix it without a lot of work..

because we all know that the blue sphere design was not good from the beginning they implemented it..



2019-07-09 14:15

reporter   ~0002119

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