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0001148HellionBug2019-07-30 05:02
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Product Version0.5.0 
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Summary0001148: Airlock and door out of syn on ships

The airlock on ships can get out if syn with the state of the door.
So the ship has an open door but the airlock thinks is closed or via vis

When the ship is attached to the base tho, the airlock out of syn is not an issue, and you can pressurize the ship without issues, but as soon as you un-dock, the airlock is rechecked and boom, no air.

You can force the airlock of the ship to get in this bugged state by triggering the airlock and logging off during it. Now the door will be open but the airlock saying its closes or vis via

In this state, you can not pressurize the ship unless its attached to a base, while its un-docked, it will always drop to zero bars.

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2019-07-20 00:57

reporter   ~0002130

This bug is cause by a desync between two values.

The following is a normal open state for a steropes:

"InSceneID" : 1144,
"HasPower" : true,
"IsLocked" : false,
"IsOpen" : true,

The Executor for the airlock panel and whether the room is exposed to vacuum:

"InSceneID" : 57,
"StateID" : 1,

I have a Tarantula on East 1 that is in the following state:

"InSceneID": 1144,
"HasPower": true,
"IsLocked": false,
"IsOpen": true,

And the Executor:

"InSceneID": 57,
"StateID": 3,

A scan needs to run periodically and slave the state of the executor to that of the door, though it would be better if they used the same nomenclature.



2019-07-20 00:59

reporter   ~0002131

I believe the outer door for the Arges is "InSceneID": 997



2019-07-30 05:02

reporter   ~0002137

True. I can verify this.

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