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0001149HellionBug2019-07-20 01:11
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Product Version0.5.0 
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Summary0001149: Duplication of ship/module node

A player reported major issues when returning to their station after collecting some modules. They began to experience major frame drop leaving warp. They undocked from the modules they were towing and docked to their station. Upon relog, they found the modules they towed in clipped into the station. Another relog reverted with the ship once again docked with the new modules.

Analysis of the save revealed that the ship had been duplicated. There were two identical ships in the save with identical GUIDs, one docked to each location.
The ship docked to the station was manually deleted from the save.
On server restart, the player was back in the ship docked to the new modules and all performance issues had ceased.

It appears as though the server failed to register the initial undock but registered the redock duplicating the ship in the process.

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