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0001164HellionBug2019-08-26 23:01
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Product Version0.5.0 
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Summary0001164: Suffocating when picking up a full suit

When you pick up a full suit (helmet and jetpack in the invetory of the suit by using 'remove outfit'), the game doesn't register you have life support and the player continues suffocating.

If you remove and put the jetpack again the game notices you have life support and stops suffocating the player.

Steps To Reproduce
  • On a non-presurized OP module, ensure you have oxygen on your suit and remove the entire suit using 'remove outfit' button (or double click). Store the outfit on a shelf and wait for the player to die of suffocation.
  • Respawn in the same OP and run to pick up the suit from the shelf, the client will put the suit, the helmet and the jetpack, but the player will continue suffocating until death.
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