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0001165HellionBug2019-09-03 18:06
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Product Version0.5.0 
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Summary0001165: [0.5.2] Unclaimed Messiah ship oddities

A Messiah attached to an oupost never despawns and gives free energy (even if ship has 0 health and no core on it). Seems the ship despawn/respawn isn't fully working on this case.

Once the ship is supposed to despawn the following will also happen:

  • when loading from outside of the outpost, the game client will get confusing when reassembling the outpost, and usually fail in the middle of the process. The Messiah ship collision object will be created but the ship will be invisible. Usually other station modules (e.g. fab etc) will not be included since the object spawning has failed at this point.
  • when loading from inside of the outpost everything looks normal, except the Messiah ship. It will be functional to the outpost command panels (power and life support), but the ship health will be 0. All modules would be loaded, and going outside of the outpost it is possible to see the Messiah, but not interact with it at all. Trying to access an inventory operation will bug the game client and all subsequent iterations with the storage will fail.
Steps To Reproduce

Go to Messiah with an outpost or t4 warping parts. Claim the Messiah ship and attach to an outpost (warping or not), then unclaim it (removing the nanite core is optional). The ship will slowly degrade and die or respawn in its place, but it will never be removed from the attached outpost.

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