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0001166HellionBug2019-09-07 18:06
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Product Version0.5.0 
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Summary0001166: (0.5.2) Multiple bugs after crash to desktop

I was making orbital adjustments to my ship around Hirath when my game crashed to desktop.
I could not rejoin the server. The game repeatedly crashing to desktop.
I had to completely delete my character to join the server...


Buttons no longer register. Examples are:

  • can not operate ship/station air pressure or airlocks
  • solar panels are non-responsive

This is a very unusual bug. I don't know the cause or how to repeat it.
I have not seen anything like it since report no. 0001114 .
This is just as bad, if not worse because it appears there is no way to recover from this.

To explain it better, see video.
( video - (18 minutes) )

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2019-09-04 02:02

reporter   ~0002142

Add to list:

  • batteries do not charge

(see video in original post)



2019-09-05 05:13

reporter   ~0002143

Can anyone from Zero Gravity see my ship in US east 1? It shows up on my authorized vessels list but there are no numbers for the position. The name of the ship is 'The Ship'.

20190904200358_1.jpg (177,366 bytes)
20190904200358_1.jpg (177,366 bytes)


2019-09-05 15:29

reporter   ~0002144

Additionally, I had someone inspect my base yesterday. They were also having the same issues I'm having.



2019-09-06 00:47

reporter   ~0002145

My character is been severely desynced in USE1. The game is no longer playable on that server.
I've tried deleting my character as well as reinstalling the game with no luck.

20190905184239_1.jpg (335,286 bytes)
20190905184239_1.jpg (335,286 bytes)


2019-09-06 17:58

reporter   ~0002146

In attempt to correct These issues, I have:

  • restarted the game multiple times
  • been invited from multiple friends bases
  • deleted the game and all associated files from my computer
  • reinstalled the game

I'm still having the same issues. I can only assume it server related at this point.
Server US EAST 1 is unplayable for me.



2019-09-07 18:06

reporter   ~0002148

I can confirm these issues happen in the US E#1. Started a fresh character, never joined this server before, and I got the same issues Sky is reporting, including:

  • unable to pressurize/depressurize
  • batteries not charging
  • repair tool -seem- not to work.

Actions from the player to the server are working nicely, but there is no reflection from the server to the client since traffic is so bugged that the client can't process any change.

Relogging after an action shows the real live status of the server. I remark, it doesn't fix anything, the server got all the client actions, it is the client failing to process the network traffic appropriately.

For extra evidences please refer to the discord conversation starting at:

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