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0001169HellionBug2019-09-10 18:49
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Summary0001169: [0.5.2] Warp from A to orbit around B end up in C gravity well = orbit reset to A

When orbiting a body A, I setup an custom orbit around body B that intersects body C, and the position in orbit marker ended up inside the gravity well of C. After the warp, the ship is sent back to the original orbit around A (slightly modified orbit than the original).

See video:

Steps To Reproduce

Fly a ship in a custom orbit around Eridil.

  • Setup a custom orbit around Teiora that intersects with Sinha at some point.
  • Place the position in marker of the orbit inside the Sinha gravity well (see image).
  • Execute the warp.


  • Ship is back to the original orbit around Eridil
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2019-09-10 18:24




2019-09-10 18:49

reporter   ~0002153

I repeated this several times, same results all the time. Restarted the server didn't change anything.
Checked the logs in each and every attempt, nothing in the log file related to the maneouvre.

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