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0001174HellionBug2019-10-08 13:04
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Product Version0.5.0 
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Summary0001174: Proteus helmet in inventory cannot receive battery from inventory

There are several ways to plug items into other items.

This method involves the hover-expand-pluggable option.

  • Proteus helmet in inventory, not wearing.
  • Small battery in inventory
Steps To Reproduce

Open player inventory with no pop-up detail panels being displayed, click and drag the battery from inventory and drag to helmet sitting in inventory. Battery plug-in socket will appear. Drop battery into pop-up battery slot. Coupling does not complete.

Battery returns to inventory, helmet remains in inventory, battery is not connected to helmet.

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2019-10-07 07:49

reporter   ~0002157

This is likely a dupe of

The "pluggable" item slots seem to fail/miss activation during game loading.
If helmet is worn or held in hands first - then it works even when helmet is afterwards put in inventory.



2019-10-08 13:04

reporter   ~0002159

That sounds likely since I've only been able to reproduce this issue intermittently since reporting it.

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