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0000125HellionSuggestion2018-12-09 07:24
ReporterCortana_KIAssigned ToShomy 
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Product Version0.2.6 
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Summary0000125: Self-destruction improvement

is it supposed to be that if you want to blow up an old base where you built an old base, only the CM explodes. or is there something wrong?

just haven't tested it again because we want to keep the rest of the bases.

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2018-01-28 23:16




2018-01-29 16:59

administrator   ~0000119

Currently, its only set for the current module where self-destruct is activated to explode and do damage to others in the range, similar to the module being destroyed by degradation. We can easily change that. We can manipulate the damage and range of self-destructing, so it can destroy the whole station or just bigger part of it. I will switch this issue to Suggestion, so let us know what you think it should do.



2018-01-29 17:56

reporter   ~0000124

the question is what happen to bases with more than 1 CM and different owners docked together? ( because the point of security panel in the future should be to have multiclan bases with areas inside a main base for different clans and different autorizations to differnent members.) because i want that some can turn on LS but can't use the powerpanel. maybe i want that someone can use the nav panel(to have a look) but should not be able to use the rest of the captains chair..)


can i exploide this and bring my own CM to an outpost to dock it to the base after i set a self destruction time? so i can blow up the hole base of somebody from outside with my own CM?



2018-01-29 18:15

reporter   ~0000126

my idea would be that each module has a blasting device, the CM is instructed to initiate the self-destruction is everything that hangs on the CM (even ships) in an explosion. therefore it would be independent of the gameserver. ini was blasting power and radius.



2018-01-29 18:17

reporter   ~0000127

and what zors means as soon as you connect a CM it will overwrite the first CM so the self-destruction will also be deleted.



2018-01-29 19:25

reporter   ~0000130

are u sure that the self destruction will be deleted?

and i think in the future we need a possibility to have different commanders in the CM as mentioned. its also a bad idea to overide the current authorization, because i could steal a CM with autorization without a need to hack it.. ^^



2018-01-29 19:51

reporter   ~0000131

it's possible that you can, but very unlikely with such bases.

CM_Klau..GIF (112,709 bytes)
CM_Klau..GIF (112,709 bytes)


2018-01-30 22:41

administrator   ~0000139

I feel it should be a combination of both the current and the proposed method - each module should have its own individual hackable self-destruct control for sabotage reasons; and the command module should be able to wipe out an entire base in one press since it's the HQ.



2018-01-31 15:51

reporter   ~0000141

i would prefer that:

  1. each CM can have his own owner and his own crew in the same base without overriding something
  2. possebility to select modules from a list of avaible(unauthorized) modules of the base inside the CM
  3. possebility to select avaible other CM of the base(from mentioned list(2.)), too(if there is no authorization)

with the possibility to select modules, all other possible/mentioned issues are fixed/solved.
-u can have multiclan bases with diffrent sections or squads in one base. maybe only the commanders are in the crew list of the other CMs.. ^^
-u can have your own friendly outpost where people can dock and maybe trade with you. so they can only go in some sections and the rest is unauthorized
-it is clear which modules explode if someone select self destruction, because it is clearly visible in the CM which modules in the list are part of this CM and explode
-maybe its possible to have the same decals in selected modules
-only the turrets in select modules protect the CM crew

i think a lot more stuff will be possible with a module selection in the CM and improve the security overview and understanding



2018-12-09 07:24

reporter   ~0001696

so when a security rework comes into play? it's near 1year over since i wrote the last post with a lot of suggestions and no feedback since then ^^

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