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0000167HellionBug2018-03-04 19:03
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Summary0000167: if you break your orbit warp ceases to function

So this is an odd one.
if you use the ships engine and accidentally break you orbit around the planet your warp system bugs out. You time to activation for warp suddenly has really strange numbers and you are unable to use warp to try and get back to a stable orbit.

Steps To Reproduce

So this happened when I was in a debris storm and my ship was taking a lot of damage.
in previous events like this if I warped my ship would continue taking debris damage while in warp and occasionally this would destroy the ship mid warp.
So instead I decided to try to manually alter my orbit using the hydrogen engine to alter the orbit enough so that I could move out of the debris field before warping.
Instead I gained enough speed to exit my orbit around Everest station
So I then tried to warp back to a stable orbit and got the messed up warp numbers you see in the attached picture.
I was able to fix the issue by using my engine to engineer a recapture maneuver.
As soon as I had an orbit, even though it was almost a terminal one, I was able to warp again.

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2018-02-11 08:17


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20180210222349_1.jpg (181,026 bytes)


2018-02-12 14:09

administrator   ~0000211

This is a hard one to fix since the calculation for warp cannot be done when there is no complete orbit. We can instead add information that orbit must be a complete one so that players are at least informed why they cant use warp.



2018-02-17 20:44

reporter   ~0000239

I think that it could be fixed with information and tools rather than trying to alter the warping code. For example if you gave some kind of tool in the nav menu to allow pilots to create manual burn maneuvers. it could then create a marker similar to when you warp and display a count down but also have a burn duration counter.

that way you give people a tool to fix the issue and people who like a challenge can use the tool to do manual orbital maneuvers such as if they run out of Warpcells they can try to manuever their ships orbit manually.



2018-02-26 13:06

administrator   ~0000296

There is a workaround for this issue. If you have enough Hydrogen fuel left, you can burn in reverse. Retrograde burn will reduce your speed and once again give you a proper orbit so you can initiate warp.



2018-03-04 19:03

reporter   ~0000342

You could fix it by making the player spend warp fuel to slow down to a capture velocity, i.e. reduce their tangential velocity below the escape velocity. That should be a doable calculation for unbound orbits.

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