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Summary0000239: Non-multiplayer Tutorial

Have a non-multiplayer tutorial that will teach techniques while in-game so people have a hands on approach to learning the basics. During this training session, floating 'bubbles' with text inside can point the player in the direction they need to go and what to do.




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A. - The Beginning (show how to...) the floating bubble will point the way

  1. wake up
  2. select a cryobed in the outpost and make it your spawn point

B. - Put on an EVA suit

  1. explain the individual components of the space suit
  2. explain how the parts storage system is use in the EVA suit
  3. explain the HUD in the helmet and how to use the basic information it provides

C. - The Outpost

  1. explain how to power up the outpost
  2. turn on subsystems (solar collectors, air generator, air purifier, etc)
  3. show how/where parts are stored
  4. install and explain parts (Resource Injectors, Servo Motors, etc) and the effect they have on the station
  5. explain the cargo panel and how it works
  6. Fill up EVA suit with resourses
  7. release the CQM from the outpost

D. - EVA controls in space

  1. lower face-mask, depressurize the outpost, and exit into space.
  2. show keyboard controls and their effect on 'flight' in space.
  3. explain the advanced HUD information in the helmet
  4. EVA from point 'A' to point 'B' (from outpost to the RSC panel on top of the airlock)
  5. explain RCS panel on the airlock and dock airlock to outpost
  6. show how to use an airlock to enter/exit the outpost

E. - Ship Introduction

  1. EVA to the airlock on top of the ship and enter
  2. explain how to power up the ship
  3. explain how to do repairs
  4. explain how to pressurize the ship
  5. explain how to locate and use areas for storage (explain the parts tier system)

F. - Ship Controls

  1. explain how the 360 ship radar works
  2. explain switches
  3. explain ship controls
  4. explain power requirements

G. - docking Controls

  1. explain camera controls in ship and select grapple view
  2. explain 360 radar in camera view and grapple ship to outpost
  3. exit ship and return to outpost
  4. using cargo interaction panel inside outpost, transfer resources to/from ship and outpost
  5. undock from outpost and grapple to CQM released earlier during tutorial

H. - FTL system

  1. explain Hellion map and FTL system (and related components; warp cells, Singularity cell detonator, capacitor, etc.)
  2. explain how to setup a faster-than-light (FTL) jump in the most efficient way
  3. select module floating around a moon
  4. prepare and complete jump to that module with CQM attached to grapple
  5. Once you arrive at your destination, detach CQM from mule and attach it to the module waiting in orbit around the moon
  6. assign your name to the CQM and make it your spawn point


Training complete. You're now prepared to enter the Hellion system


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