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Summary0000263: Using heat mechanics to drive PVP encounters.

Posted up at Shomy's request.

So this is a few mechanical thoughts to overcome some problems with core game-play intentions, as I see them. It also represents something of a unique opportunity within the genre of first-person construction/survival games.

The primary issue here is that, players build bases, and players attacking each others bases is intended behavior. However, in the current system, there are only two likely outcomes. 1: The attacking party can't find the defending party whatsoever. Or 2: They find their base but the owner is offline, so they expend resources overcoming its passive defenses without actually interacting with the owner. Neither if these is a desirable status quo for an ostensibly PVP game.

With the introduction of heat mechanics, we can do something new, and give player built stations vulnerability gradients in the form of periods of increased or decreased visibility, that would work something like this.

All modules generate heat, but they also have heat sinks and can store much of it for most of the day. During this period, the stations visibility is at its lowest, and it's rather difficult, nigh impossible to find by scanning. (Although this may vary with other metrics like size, specific modules, and state of repair.) However, the temperature will slowly raise and, at some point, it will need to be vented. There are two ways we can approach this.

The first is to set an automatic timer, for a period of the day during which the station's radiators will be in full operation. The player would have control of this, so would be able to set the time of their greatest vulnerability to the time they have each day to actually play the game. The higher visibility, combined with the increased likelihood of the owner being present, drives actual PVP encounters instead of passive station raids.

As an alternative system, The radiators being deployed or undeployed may be wholly under player control, allowing them to simply operate the radiation period during whatever time is convenient for them. This would serve the same purpose as the above, but be a more player-flexible option. I tentatively recommend the first option, since a bit of inflexibility will go a long ways to driving playgroup formation. (Although mechanical incentivization of group vs solo play is a very different topic for the most part.)

In addition to driving PVP, this adds a new metric to base construction decisions. How visible can you afford to be? Is the module you want worth the increased vulnerability? Is a bunch of small stations better than one big one? And so on.

Google doc with notes here:

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2018-03-15 19:34

reporter   ~0000467


This game could use some game mechanics. Discoverability of stations can vary greatly based on a number of factors:

-- Is the transponder on? Prebuilt stations are immediately knowable presumable because of their transponder.
-- Is the station powered? Powering a station down should make it less noticeable.
-- Heat mechanics mentioned above.
-- Scanning should create a window where the station is passively noticeable.

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