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0000363HellionBug2018-05-18 21:46
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Status investigating 
Product Version0.2.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000363: Comodo ISP 10 prevents Hellion to connect

I have Comodo Internet Security Premium 10 installed, Hellion can launch but can't play online or offline, the only way to play is disabling the "HIPS Protection" in Comodo. Adding the game to the white-list doesn't work.

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2018-05-01 17:02


comodo-log.7z (1,075 bytes)


2018-05-01 22:00

reporter   ~0000602

It seems to suggest hellion invading comodo's tray icon memory space.

Might also be influenced by 'adaptive mode under low system resources' setting from comodo and actually running out of physical memory.

Don't know if it differentiates between attempt for shellcode injections,
where a buffer overflow happens because someone forgot to count in hex or something.

It's basically part of a virus\malware scanner and since experimental means small not a thousand samples for heuristics to properly flag well...
better safe then sorry

Also explorer.exe is on that list, weird

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