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0000387HellionBug2018-12-04 15:13
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Product Version0.2.7 
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Summary0000387: Some doors/boxes looks as if they are closed when they are actually opened (happens on re-logging)

Example :

In my spaceship I open the following things:

  1. door to the cockpit
  2. cargo bay outer door.
  3. all small boxes inside the cargo bay near the outer door.

Log out and back in really quick (because sometimes items do not appear and the only fix is a re-log)
For the fun of it, try logging out and back in while in space outside the cargo bay. (not required but for the fun of it)

  1. have to fix invert mouse
  2. find that the cargo bay outer door looks closed
  3. can not close the outer door from the elevator airlock inside the ship as nothing happens, not even after several attempts.
  4. have to depressurize the whole ship because that's the only way to get into the cargo bay that is technically open to the vacuum of space.
  5. go into the cargo bay, find all the boxes looking closed but I have to open them twice to actually get them open.
  6. open the cargo bay outer door with the manual override to get the cargo bay actually open again and then go back and re pressurize my ship again.
  7. find my cockpit door closed, have to open it twice to actually open it :)

Oh, this goes for a lot of airlock doors too :)

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2018-05-07 11:37


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2018-05-07 12:17

administrator   ~0000639

Does this happen every time? I am unable to reproduce it just by following the steps you mentioned.



2018-05-07 13:46

reporter   ~0000670

Yes, every single time for me, I guess I can record a video.



2018-05-07 14:24

reporter   ~0000680

so, funny enough, it did not happen when I tried my own explained way, Sorry about that.

But I managed to make in a slightly different way.
A normal re-log in space did not make it happen, but I want to my cryo-pod and relogged there, then it happened.

My video (includes me getting surprised when it does not work the first time)

This also happens very often to my friends.
The only thing we have in common is the same server (different bases and ships)
If you want access to my server to see if it is server related, just let me know (it is passworded)



2018-12-04 15:13

reporter   ~0001644

Have not seen this in a long time.
Maybe close?

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