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0000388HellionSuggestion2018-12-15 18:52
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Summary0000388: Add an option to not allow air-transfer between docked ships and stations

Reason is, a lot of the time when depressurizing/re-pressurizing the air tends to get stored in the ship tanks.

This causes a "Full tank" on the ship and when un-docking we have no way to depressurize the airlock or alike.
This simply causes a lot of extra manual micro managing upon un-docking every time.

A simple (do not transfer air between ships and stations option (on the ship, possible enabled by default) could be the solution.
Possibly even a global function between all modules just to simplify the whole function (that way you do not have to have a special rule-set just for ships)

Another reason that causes additional problems is:
The only really good way to secure a base is to dock ships airlock-to-airlock to the base. (Even if you can add locks to the airlocks, not everyone has a command module)

In this scenario you will almost always un-dock with a pressurized airlock, resulting in max air in both the tanks and the air-space in the ship, resulting in either having to re-dock to the base and transfer air manually, depressurize the airlock or vent air into space.

Enough explinations? :)

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2018-12-06 16:03

administrator   ~0001684

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I'd like to expand on Tori's suggestion with something that I may have mentioned in the past.

Suggestion: Make Airlock Docking Ports (and perhaps anchor ports although that's possibly trickier) a configurable security boundary. What does this mean?

  • It could be used to prevent ship's air tanks becoming filled unexpectedly due to being at the mercy of the order of the docking tree.
  • It could be used to prevent someone docking to your station and leeching power, which is currently possible regardless of crew list settings.
  • It would mean that AM's could be used to connect together two CMs with different crew lists. This would allow for creating station zones with different security - perhaps good for trading and / or larger faction stations where you might want a higher security zone that's protected by turrets.
  • It could be used to create a section of a station for training players for assaults - a bit like a 'kill house' for spec-ops training. Transition from the main section of the station through the double airlock in to the 'training zone' and beyond that the turrets are hostile and doors are locked - good for training players. :)

How? It would likely require (in an interface somewhere - perhaps the existing security panel, or a new 'advanced' security interface?) the following options for each Airlock Docking Port

  • Allow Power interlink (default: allow) - allows power to flow and access to capacitors in either direction between 'zones' and control of power systems through network.
  • Allow Cargo interlink (default: allow) - allows Cargo System access in either direction between 'zones' - control of cargo systems through network.
  • Allow Life Support interlink (default: allow) - allows Life Support to de/pressurise rooms and access air tanks in either direction between 'zones' and control of life support systems through network.
  • Allow Security interlink - (default: deny) joins the two zones in to a single zone (single crew list) - perhaps combine and de-dupe crew lists when creating the new one, and duplicate the list when switching off or undocking of common AMs between zones.
  • Allow Docking (maybe?) - (default: allow) coupled to the 'Locked' state of the docking port - prevents it being targeted and docked to in the docking interface.

As these settings are per Airlock Docking Port the corresponding settings would need to be set by the player on the other side of the connection, so both 'sides' have to agree what to share, making this co-operative with either side having the option to opt in/out.

The defaults have been chosen to mimic current behaviour as players wouldn't be required to use these new options, but more advanced base builders can use these to build interesting new stations.

If Anchor points are considered, I would imagine they should be set to 'allow' for all items, including security as this will emulate current behaviour.



2018-12-09 07:21

reporter   ~0001695

security system and how it should work is already mentioned in another suggestion ticked.. no need an airlock for this ^^



2018-12-15 14:37

reporter   ~0001723

Yepp, this is already possible I think.
Maybe close this ticket for clean up purposes.

Our Grid

Our Grid

2018-12-15 18:52

reporter   ~0001725

It is annoying to end up venting a bunch of air to open up a ship - not realizing the station shoved a bunch of breathing air into an already charged ship.

I just check before I undock now.

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