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0000487HellionBug2018-06-14 12:20
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Product Version0.2.8 
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Summary0000487: Airlocks not undocking + manual override not working + undock lever got reset?

When there are two airlocks docked together, the undock levers are not useable. There is no interface to press "F".
For this I created a bugreport video and I got two other additional bugs.

  • The manual override lever was not working (perhaps timing issue because of previous usage)
  • The undock lever reset itself.
    More details in the video
    Please note the timestamps in the description.

All this has been done with a private dedicated server on my computer. Not accessible from the outside.

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Saved world

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2018-06-08 17:11


Save error open undock.7z (629,905 bytes)

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