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0000508HellionBug2018-06-22 11:37
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Product Version0.2.8 
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Summary0000508: Objects clipping through Steropes floor after undocking and at random places

Whenever the Steropes undock from an anchor point, an object appears on the floor of the prep room right next to the inside airlock door.
Most of the times the object is part of the docking clamps, but sometimes the object is a player model, half sunk in the floor.

The object has no collision detection and Players can clip through it, so it's only a visual artifact.

There are also random cases of player models appearing half sunk into floors on other areas as well, such as the ground floor of the command module, again with no collision detection.

Finally, there are cases of player models appearing in full and dead in random places, visible and tangible to one player, but not another (an example case is a body appearing inside a corridor, blocking the passage for Player A, but Player B could pass freely and wouldn't see the body at all).

Logging off and back on resolves the above issues.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Undock the Steropes from an anchor point
  • Go to the Steropes' prep room
  • Check the floor next to the inside airlock
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2018-06-19 17:31


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not_a_docking_clamp.png (3,657,142 bytes)

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