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0000540HellionBug2018-12-04 15:05
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Summary0000540: Unable to fully dock up a CTM module in a Ring Configuration

I created a ring, and when I docked the last CTM module in place, only one side of the T Module would dock. The other would show connected, but it wouldn't allow the doors to open together, or turn on gravity on the non-connected module. I went to the docking controls of the module, and it showed that both the A and C portions are connected. All the modules were pressurized, and you were unable to walk entirely around the ring.

This is an unusual occurrence in which two ports are docked simultaneously. If working correctly you should be able to continuously walk around the ring.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a ring consisting of 4 T Modules, 8 Solar Panels, 4 Left 45 Degree Modules, and 4 Right 45 Degree Modules. Connect them in the following configuration.
    Partial Ring

  2. Add a T Module to the missing section. It is a tricky operation since there is very little maneuvering room.
    Full Ring

  3. The opposite Docking port from which was used to connect the T Module to the ring will not act like it is connected, and the Solar Panel Module on that side will not enable Gravity.
    So if you docked with the A Docking Port, then the C Docking Port would not work correctly. Same goes if you did it with the C Docking Port, then the A Docking Port would not work correctly.

  4. Pressurize the Ring using another module connected to one of the CTM Modules, or use the developers keys to pressurize the modules as you walk through the ring.
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2018-07-09 18:38


Hellion Partial Ring.jpg (127,452 bytes)
Hellion Partial Ring.jpg (127,452 bytes)
Hellion Full Ring.png (309,460 bytes)
Hellion Full Ring.png (309,460 bytes)


2018-07-10 16:32

reporter   ~0001060

i don't inderstand correct,

u want that u can run in the mentioned ring with gravity online as long the CTM docking ports are empty? oO u know that there musst be something connected to the CTM's in your screenshot to activate G inside?



2018-07-10 17:14

reporter   ~0001063

The diagram I provided was for clarity. He is the completed base in which I would like to be able to run around the ring.
Final Hellion Base

I didn't want to complicate the picture showing how the ring was made. As you can see with this configuration there is enough power, oxygen production, and connected items to the CTM modules that the whole ring should be pressurized, and with gravity.

Final Hellion Station.png (562,923 bytes)
Final Hellion Station.png (562,923 bytes)


2018-07-11 15:12

administrator   ~0001067

@overid This is not currently possible in game, but is certainly something that has been requested many times, myself included. About a year ago a player (Comatose) was building a ring station and captured the final part on vid The results then were the same as now - the final module only docks on one end. It used to crash the server when attempting docking the second port on the final module, but that's been fixed already.

Hopefully in the future this will become possible, and the concept of having more than one route through your base for redundancy purposes will be something people can factor in to their designs. ZG have said they are looking in to this and hope to make it a possibility in the future. :)

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