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0000551HellionBug2018-12-06 11:59
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Summary0000551: losing materials if cancel fabrication

I discovered today how really unfriendly the fabricator module can be. I would like to make several observations.

  1. The storage amount of the Fabricator is too low. It fills up quickly and has to be emptied often after a loot run.
  2. When the Fabricator storage is full any items recycled are lost.....really??? How about a warning that the storage is full? Have the recycler cease to function when the storage is full. How difficult can that be???
  3. If you cancel a "craft" you lose some of the parts. Started crafting a level 2 singularity and accidentally hit the "cancel" button. Lost the circuits and one of the gases. We get warnings in every part of the ship when trying to open doors that have mismatched pressures asking if we really want to do that, but the fabricator provides no such warning and our valuable resources are just thrown away.

For a supposedly "smart" module that can craft so many items, it sure operates in a really stupid manner.

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2018-08-02 09:55

reporter   ~0001074

  1. i think it's ok.. if u empty your inventory in recycler, than u can move your stuff from FM storage to other storages or u move it into the fabricator..

  2. are u sure? oO as far as i know u already get a warning if the storage is full and recycled materials cant be added..

  3. "if you cancel a "craft" you lose some of the parts"

whats the problem? oO

if u start crafting the fabricator already used materials to start the crafting process.. the already used materials are correctly lost, because the FM already used some..

"For a supposedly "smart" module that can craft so many items, it sure operates in a really stupid manner."

its's phase one of fabrication module.. it has just the basic functions in phase one.. wait for crafting rework and/or phase two to see improved fabricator..

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