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0000552HellionSuggestion2018-08-16 09:45
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Summary0000552: closing doors remotely

Here is the scenario.....Exit main base through the airlock. Of course you don't or forget to close the final door to the airlock. You go out on a mission and die. The reason doesn't matter. Next you respawn and put on a new suit. But can't get out of your base because the airlock door is open and you can't close it and put air into it to be able to use it. Current solution.....get into the prep room and vent all the air so you can open the door to the airlock so you can close the door and then pressurize it so it works normally.

Suggestion....How about a way on the Life Support panel to remotely open/close doors? This makes more sense than having to vent your precious air into space when this situation occurs. And with the bugs in this game, death is a frequent visitor.

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2018-08-14 21:02

reporter   ~0001077

I don't think i understood your scenario, could you give a different example? o.O perhaps i am too slow and could'nt understand it hahaha



2018-08-16 09:45

reporter   ~0001080

@The Falcon

why u don't use the airlock panel in your example? oO

if u are in the prep room, than u can close the outer door from inner airlock panel and repressure airlock without a need to vent something..

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