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0000553HellionSuggestion2019-07-20 00:00
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Summary0000553: air production at base

Step 1. Process nitrate and ice to produce nitrogen and oxygen in the CBM. Move both elements into the Outpost. Go to the outpost. Access Life Support terminal. Start producing air. Where does the air go? It goes directly into the Steropes as a default. WTF? This is annoying and aggravating. Often end up with excess air in the steropes that we end up having to vent and thus a complete waste. Why is the Steropes the default to fill first with air? I am in the outpost. The elements are in the outpost. The air should fill the outpost first. Ship last. Not sure anyone put any thought into this.

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2018-07-28 08:48

reporter   ~0001071

the air goes into the public air tank.

if your ship is connected than it goes into the ship airtank too

u can move the air from ship into an airtank u want by using the cargo panel

The Falcon

The Falcon

2018-07-28 15:24

reporter   ~0001072

There is no public air tank. Air tanks can be found in the LSM, Outpost, Steropes, and the Arges. The readout on the Life Support panel shows the sum total of all those tanks if they are connected. Obviously air can be moved around between all those tanks. The point of my post is to ask why the ship's tanks are the default to fill first when creating air? They should be the last to be filled. The outpost tank or LSM tank should be filled first.



2018-08-01 11:43

reporter   ~0001073

public air tank is the airtank off all connected stuff.

the question is, how is your outpost called in the moment u go into the outpost? because the "main" module can change if u dock the base to modules/ships.

it also could be that someone need the air in the ship, because personaly my hole outpost is depressured all the time and just my ship is repressured as long i use it.. ;)

so i think best is that we get an option in LS-panel to mark a module/ship to prioritize modules/ship for LS



2018-08-14 20:59

reporter   ~0001076

I think the air should stay on the module/ship it is been produced on / cicled on.

This is annoying when you use airlock at base.... when you undock... where is the air ??? -_- it's annoying.

Everything related to "moving" the air around, should be done in the ORIGIN of the air, if that tank get's full, THEN and only THEN it tries to fill a diff external tank.



2019-07-20 00:00

reporter   ~0002128

I believe this is related to which module is the parent in the station. If a ship is the parent, the air defaults to it. If anything else is parent, it defaults to the module closest to the parent/grandparent.

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