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0000555HellionBug2018-12-21 22:57
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Summary0000555: 0.2.9 - Base sections do not connect

Always, if the player is attempting to connect modules from CM, A to C to create a base loop (continual loop from CM port A to CM port C), all the CTM, SPM, CIM etc. can never connect. All modules should be symmetrical so that the player can combine different types of modules together to create one or more loops within the base corridors. Currently all ports connected from the CM ports must run in linear directions until dead ending to space.. This is a huge problem, players should be able to have large bases that can interconnect to imerse the player in the game by creating sections of a base that eventually loops back to the CM module.

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related to 0000893 new T section to line up 




2018-08-14 08:15


CTM to CTM.jpg (224,069 bytes)
CTM to CTM.jpg (224,069 bytes)
Problem1.jpg (303,448 bytes)
Problem1.jpg (303,448 bytes)
Problem2.jpg (260,732 bytes)
Problem2.jpg (260,732 bytes)
Problem3.jpg (308,239 bytes)
Problem3.jpg (308,239 bytes)
Problem4.jpg (301,395 bytes)
Problem4.jpg (301,395 bytes)


2018-08-16 10:29

reporter   ~0001081

this isn't a bug ^^

sections are correct, but u try to dock it wrong.. because u try to combine different modules, which isn't possible atm ^^

sugestion is already there:

but as i said in the other thread, i would prefer a NEW module which can be adjusted in lengh..

so there will be no need to adjust each module, u simply need thes adjustable module, u can sell it as a new ingame feature, and all possible rings can be docked, because the "adjustable module" can take place near everwhere.

or we get a possibility to shorten or extent the modules by ourself with the welding tool. this feature can be selled as a feature too..

or maybe both.. ;)

"and befor adjusting maybe bring possebilitys into play to shorten or extent a corridor by needed width and all problems are solved ;)"



2018-08-25 09:07

reporter   ~0001083

I think it is Zorz…. The player should be able to connect the base together as shown above. Unless you work for ZG, let them tell me that, thank you very much



2018-12-06 12:18

administrator   ~0001669

Problem is in level design of the modules it was not done in grid, it will be a lot of work to make a grid module design, but it is not impossible. We are thinking about it.



2018-12-06 17:33

administrator   ~0001687

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@Shomy thanks for the update - I hope this gets addressed eventually. :)
I just wanted to add the following old picture (not mine) for reference on this issue as it highlights the problem well.

image.png (897,288 bytes)
image.png (897,288 bytes)


2018-12-21 22:57

administrator   ~0001749

Linking new issue - 0000893 T section to line up

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