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0000559HellionBug2019-03-09 17:38
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Product Version0.2.9 
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Summary0000559: Glitched into space

Every time I left the Steropes, I was stranded in space. See video link below.

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2018-12-06 12:21

administrator   ~0001670

This was also solved in 0.3.0 build, should not happen anymore.



2019-03-09 17:38

reporter   ~0001873

This bug is back and never really left completely.

It happened two days before the release of 0.4.0.
It did happened a couple times in .3.0 but not as frequent as prior versions.

Regardless, it happened again on launch day of 0.4.0, although my body wasn't doing the 'jello' effect. I was orbiting Bethyr at the Knossos station returning to my ship when I was suddenly placed in a different spot around Bethyr, no ships in sight.

I'll try to capture video and post again.

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