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0000563HellionBug2018-12-06 12:40
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Summary0000563: Duplicate ship in server save

I was passed a .save file from a user of the Hellion Explorer as it was crashing it.

I tracked down the problem to a duplicate of the player's ship - two ship objects with the same GUID, orbital params. etc.

This is a weird one, as the problem wasn't present in the second or more subsequent saves after this one - not quite sure on details there but nothing other than start/stop of the server was performed and it removed the duplicate (but not immediately it seems).

Attached file: containing the .save file in question.

Attached file: Screenshot from Hellion Explorer (after I fixed the crash lol) showing all Steropes in the save file.

The duplicate ship guid is 57032508865

Steps To Reproduce

Unknown ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Pure speculation: did the server save trigger during some operation where there may exist a duplicate copy of a ship object in memory, perhaps before one of the copies was removed? If this is the case I don't expect it would happen very often even on a busy server - very rare chance.

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2018-09-16 20:52

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More info on the chat history can be seen in my discord server's #bugreports channel in case that helps.

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