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0000570HellionBug2018-12-06 13:07
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Product Version0.2.9 
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Summary0000570: Singleplayer: (Auto-)Save while being in module RCS-Console bugs out RCS control

While I was docking an Airlock Module pair (Airlock port docked to Airlock and Standardport docking towards station) on my Station the game did an autosave. After having it docked successfully and doing other stuff in the Station the game crashed. The last save was that autosave.

When loading that save that showed the RCS docking UI in the save preview, you would not be inside the RCS Control UI but in your EVA right beside where the RCS Control Panel SHOULD be. But the whole Panel was invisible and untouchable. The Module would still move towards the station at the speed it had during the save. There was no RCS Panel accessible on the whole moduleā€¦ both disappeared.

Saving again and loading again did not fix it.

I then tried to move the whole station out of the way by accessing the RCS Panel on the Command Module. But instead the Airlock Module's thrusters reacted to the input.
Additionally my Character was shown moving in a fixed position to the Airlock Module but floating in space at the position I was relative to the Airlock Module when I entered the RCS Panel on the Base.
After having avoided the impact, I EVAed over to the Modules and the RCS Panels were accessible again and the Modules were able to dock again.

The Game probably did not register a leave RCS panel event because the save&load did skip it. The RCS panel accessed afterwards did count as if it was still the RCS panel accessed before the save. Distance and/or LOD of the modules may have reenabled the panels on the modules.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Enter RCS Panel
  • Save (F5 / Auto)
  • Exit Game
  • Load Game
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2018-12-06 13:06

administrator   ~0001677

Okay I know what the problem is, it should not be hard to fix. Thanks for the report.

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