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0000581HellionBug2019-04-11 13:22
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Summary0000581: Cryo Pod animation glitches

Randomly, sometimes the player will retain the idle in-cryopod animation as if they were asleep but still be able to move around and interact with the world as normal. Along with this, the Cryopod stays open permanently.

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has duplicate 0001050 closed Crazy Player Floating Around In "Sleeping" Position From Cryobed! (pisc) 


Commander Kitten

Commander Kitten

2018-10-19 23:30


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image.png (469,310 bytes)
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image-2.png (176,084 bytes)


2018-10-22 15:13

administrator   ~0001138

This is an old one, probably from when the game was released :) I get the feeling that we will be able to fix this one for this update. Info "Cryopod stays open permanently" is the key to resolving it.

Commander Kitten

Commander Kitten

2018-10-23 13:57

reporter   ~0001167

Just a note, If I remember correctly, a relog did not fix the animation issues when we tried it. Neither did getting in/out of a cryopod for the afflicted character. (In case that helps narrow anything down)

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