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0000614HellionBug2018-12-03 16:23
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Summary0000614: Items left in the back room of the Steropes will randomly spew out into space.

Items left in the back room of the Steropes will randomly spew out into space. This was happening in the last build too. I tested this time by using warp cells so I can see the glowing in space.

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2018-10-21 22:38


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2018-10-22 12:07

administrator   ~0001118

This is probably because of physics, items are constantly colliding and they get through walls in frames where the collision is not calculated correctly. Not sure if there is a way to resolve it, also it's not really a use case in the game that players do stuff like this without having dev commands. Does it happen when you have fewer items?



2018-10-22 19:41

reporter   ~0001154

Oh ive done it on the current live servers with normal loot many times. Thats how I know about it and try to remember to avoid using the back room as a loot dump.

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