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0000691HellionBug2018-12-03 15:53
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Summary0000691: Quest Status UI component drawn behind Cargo / LS / Power panels

The 'Safe Haven' quest has the player open the life support panel, which then obscures further instructions for the quest, requiring the player to exit the panel to see them.

I'd argue as the quest marker is not (theoretically) part of the in-world environment (meta information for the player) that it ought to live 'above' anything in-world, like the LS panel etc. so it remains visible.

Attached screenshots for reference.

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2018-11-03 18:30


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2018-11-04 08:41

reporter   ~0001314

i don't think that the "quest marker" how u call it should be visible.

it also should not be visible without hud.

it should also not be visible in a panel, because it will get annoying to see the uninteresting quest parts on top of the screen.

quest should only be visible if u look in the journal, in a display, device, monitor, a hud or whatever. tutorial should only be visible if i set in the settings that i want to see it(like RA and your mentioned ASH) and should be different from normal quest, because tutorial isn't a quest, it's just a tutorial

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