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0000726HellionBug2018-12-03 13:10
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Summary0000726: Demonic Eyelashes from hell..ion

I tried a fun thing with corpse-looting.

So, I use the "Loot corpse"-function and managed to drag-drop the "Suit" from the dead body and move it to the floor.
Then I picked it up and it equipped everything on to the "Alive"-version of me.

But some how the camera view port got pushed back a little so I see my own eye-lashes from the inside of my head.
This happened to me 2 times so far, once in 0.3.0b and now one time here.

The moment I took the suit off again, the problem went away.

Since this is a very funny bug, I suggest you do not put any priority on it.
Video :

Best Regards

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2018-11-15 01:54


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2018-11-15 11:24

administrator   ~0001441

There is also a second bug here, you were unable to drag the suit directly to equip it.



2018-12-01 01:38

administrator   ~0001602

There is a deadly secondary effect of this bug in 0.3 release:

Do a "Take all" in a 0.0 bar room. Get the eyelashes. Open the door to another 0.0 bar room. Suffocate. Happens every time. It does not matter if the visor is up or down. And there is no recovery possible (I think). You just die.

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