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0000729HellionBug2018-12-03 15:41
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Summary0000729: Some modules not loaded when returning to base

I warped back to my CM and it and the SPM attached did not load.

Please see attached screenshot #1 - the PSM and CBM plus a Patch Module are appearing in the right places however the CM and the SPM are not visible.

I expect this will load correctly if I relog, and I'm not sure what triggered this. My Steropes had the Outpost and AM on the anchor (as I had just returned from some successful test mining).

Yes - it came back after the relog - screenshot #2

Quite random, if this is anything like the similar problems like this in previous builds, and maybe not easy to track down the cause, however it's certainly worth reporting.

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2018-11-15 00:10


image.png (1,533,441 bytes)
image.png (1,533,441 bytes)
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image-2.png (1,248,842 bytes)


2018-11-15 11:31

administrator   ~0001442

I will try to reproduce this, too bad you didn't check the log, there might have been an error in it. Anyway, if anyone gets the same problem please do check the log located in

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