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0000744HellionBug2018-12-03 14:11
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Summary0000744: Module Teleport when detatching derelicts while anchored

seems to be be an issue with detaching parts of a junkyard derelict module while you have a ship anchored to it.
see repro steps and screenshot of teleported state.

Steps To Reproduce

find a junkyard section, such as "LS Section"
anchor to the module you want to take
leave ship and go pull release levers on derelicts attached to target module.
observe when it detatches it teleports away from the anchored ship and detatched derelict.

get back in ship and pull anchor release level.
module teleports back to original position bellow the ship and begins drifting away as expected.

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2018-11-17 04:39


modulejump.png (1,471,647 bytes)
modulejump.png (1,471,647 bytes)


2018-11-19 17:28

administrator   ~0001510

Can't say much at this point, going to investigate it, hopefully, it will be easy to reproduce with the steps you gave.

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