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Summary0000755: Debris field effect shown briefly when opening Nav Map then disappears

On occasion I have opened the nav map up (usually been orbiting Bethyr) and a debris field effect is briefly shown, completely seperate to the two regular debris fields, and then fades out.

I captured an image of this (attached) from earlier today - you can see a regular debris field (the purpley haze) behind the nearby (animated) debris 'pieces'. As mentioned these quickly fade out and disappear, leaving just the regular debris field representations.

This is a minor visual glitch so probably not a high priority and it doesn't happen all the time - I don't currently know when it displays it, I just know I've seen this a few times.

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2018-11-17 22:57


20181117002330_1.jpg (202,257 bytes)
20181117002330_1.jpg (202,257 bytes)


2018-11-18 11:26

administrator   ~0001500

I see that as well, but I interpreted it as artistic license to produce a menacing effect, or a kind of warning. But it could just as aesily be a bug :)

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