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Summary0000756: NavMap disagrees with what's 'out the window'

A weird one, and possibly been in the game since early versions - I just never had picture evidence... until now.

Firstly, some history, all prior to 0.3.0:

On occasion the view out of the window didn't 'agree' with what the NavMap was showing. Previously I noticed that the direction that Bethyr's rings (for example) versus my orbit was different than shown in the NavMap, and indicated that either the NavMap or the in-world Bethyr model was rotated differently, perhaps by as much as 90 degrees.

Perhaps this is difficult to picture but the horizontal bands on Bethyr are usually aligned to the sky box galactic cluster plane - in world when I experienced this they were 'out' by some margin (suggesting the in-world representation was the one at fault.

So on to now - I was at Burner earlier today (0.3.0c) and was again experiencing an issue where what the nav map said and what I was actually seeing had a discrepancy.

I had jumped to one of the new POIs at Burner and was on an orbit that passed very close to Burner, giving the red 'burning' effect on each pass, except the burning effect wasn't when I was closest to the moon.

See Pic one - that's Burner and I'm apparently pretty far away from it, and yet I get the burning effect. I snapped a pic of the NavMap showing I, according to it, was not at closest approach and possibly my position in orbit was completely different than indicated as I had passed closes approach a minute or so earlier.

I'll add in all cases that I've seen this, a relog sorts out the inaccuracy so this is presumably a rather random client-side issue.

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2018-11-17 23:19


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2018-11-20 12:37

administrator   ~0001515

It's actually from this build not from the early version



2018-11-24 17:25

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I've just seen this again, but in 0.3.0d - I'm at the civilian ruins around Burner and I'm seeing down on to one of Bethry's poles.

Looking at the lighting direction, the galactic cluster's plane on the skybox and knowing that Burner should be along side Bethyr, not over the top of it, it looks like Bethyr is rotated 90 degrees on one of it's axes.

Screenshot 1: Where Burner was around Bethyr at the time, and my orbit around Burner.

Screenshot 2: The view out of the window 'down' on to Bethyr.

Screengrab 3: Snapped shortly after, almost directly aligned above one of the poles.

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20181124161119_1.jpg (218,261 bytes)
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20181124161123_1.jpg (305,801 bytes)
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2018-11-26 13:40

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That one is a different one then we thought, we had the problem with the position. Which was fixed, but the rotation "texture position" is probably as you said since from the launch. Nothing that we can do now for this update. But will add it for fixing for the upcoming builds

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