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0000770HellionBug2018-12-23 17:26
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Summary0000770: Orbit of Home base broken (like straight-line bug)

Trying to navigate back to Home base was impossible. From Archon my base was unreachable. It was previously in a custom Bethyr orbit, but this had turned into an arc (see pic). I tried warping to it twice, but it never appears on the radar at any range.

The effect is the same as with the straight-line orbit, but a little different. Hence a new bug report.

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2018-11-25 12:57


20181125115108_1.jpg (145,419 bytes)
20181125115108_1.jpg (145,419 bytes)


2018-11-26 12:37

administrator   ~0001555

You seem really good with making this bug appear :D Can you make a screenshot with the custom orbit that you did make for your outpost? I want to try to reproduce this so that we can see what is going on. We made a change for straight-line orbit so this is probably because of it.



2018-11-26 13:50

administrator   ~0001564

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I don't have a screen of the actual orbit, and I can't remember clearly. It would definitely be a fairly circular polar orbit around Bethyr. That's all I can remember :/

I have scraped my memory modules for fragments and I think the orbit was close to the custom one in the pic below:



2018-11-26 17:47


20181126164156_1.jpg (131,349 bytes)
20181126164156_1.jpg (131,349 bytes)


2018-11-27 11:32

reporter   ~0001571

so u retested the line-flat orbit bug or not? oO

u did the same steps which are need to reproduce line-flat orbit? if not why u mention line-flat orbit bug?

is it the same or not?

is this a duplicated bug report or not?

because line flat was shark toothed befor.. so if this bug happen by the same way the line-flat orbit happen, than it's the same bug and no need to duplicte it.



2018-11-27 12:58

administrator   ~0001573

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@Zorz I re-rested warping to an orbit of a parent body where the warp exit point was within the gravity influence of a child body (Broken Marble) and on the most recent build I correctly ended up on a doomed orbit of BM rather than a straight line. That seemed fixed, based on the steps I documented to create it in the previous build.

@Shomy It may be that the same / a similar issue can be encountered without the warp maneuver - was the work-around part of the warp maneuver itsself or tied to a more general level within the game?

In other words if an object is on an orbit of it's parent that at some point in the future will intersect with a child celestial body's gravity well, triggering an SOI change, would that be picked up by the temporary work-around?

I wonder if that is what is repeatedly happening to Ziggy's station?



2018-11-27 20:08

reporter   ~0001581


oh ok, i asked because u could make the line-flat orbit looks like a bow-orbit in previous builds too, by just using the Engine/RCS while in line-flat orbit.. ;)



2018-12-23 17:09

reporter   ~0001757

I think I have a similar issue (0.3.0) Haven seems to have adjusted to a doomed orbit. A reload doesn't solve the issue. I haven't intentionally done anythiong to my base, I was simply returning with a PSM. I have attached Pics and the save (1,818,066 bytes)
20181223134035_1.jpg (246,467 bytes)
20181223134035_1.jpg (246,467 bytes)
20181223154025_1.jpg (206,278 bytes)
20181223154025_1.jpg (206,278 bytes)


2018-12-23 17:14

reporter   ~0001758

Looks like it heads to burner and then the orbit decays (1,832,245 bytes)


2018-12-23 17:26

reporter   ~0001759

I have just gone back through my saves and it looks like it could be server related

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