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0000800HellionBug2018-12-14 20:48
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Product Version0.3.0 
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Summary0000800: 0.3.0 gamebreaking - a save haven - can't "claim a cryopod" which is already claimed

a save haven - can't "claim a cryopod" which is already claimed

Steps To Reproduce

press respawn if u are in the step of "Place Welder in slot"..

after respawn u are back to the point where u have to claim the cryopod again which u already claimed befor.

no possibility to change the spawn because we play with 2 peoples and can't unlock a cryopod without deleting the char, which is gamebreaking.

(screenshots by Eddy and me)

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2018-11-30 01:16


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Our Grid

Our Grid

2018-12-14 20:48

reporter   ~0001718

Agreed - the Claim Pod section is difficult with a team in the same base.

We also have an LSM, so our players have to basically claim one, then a different one, and go back to un-register one after to free it up, in order for quest to progress.

Perhaps can check if player has registered pod for that section.

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