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0000809HellionBug2019-10-02 19:23
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Product Version0.3.0 
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Summary0000809: 0.3.0 life support panel - pressure sound of pumps continue playing sound after job is done

life support panel - pressure sound of pumps continue playing sound after job is done

Steps To Reproduce

repressure outpost fully and sound continue playing...

found no way to stop the sound

1 screenshot to show that pressure/depressure button of outpost are inactiv, because job is done but sound still playing..

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2018-11-30 13:21


20181130131651_1.jpg (162,151 bytes)
20181130131651_1.jpg (162,151 bytes)
Our Grid

Our Grid

2018-12-14 21:18

reporter   ~0001719

Confirm random occurrence of this.

Also, in our case we noticed the sound was playing for only one player of two in the same room.



2019-03-24 13:13

reporter   ~0001974

same bug in 0.4.1 in ship like steropes and arges..



2019-06-29 12:01

reporter   ~0002109

same bug in 0.5.0



2019-07-19 23:58

reporter   ~0002127

Looking at the JSONs, most 'rooms' have a volume value that includes 5+ decimal numbers. I suspect this is contributing to this bug. current volume values seem to be autogenerated based on the model space within the module.
My thought is that there is a rounding issue that occurs as a result of this during press/depress cycles which prevents the audio trigger from detecting full pressuriztion.
I suggest adjusting them to no more than 2 decimal numbers.

Our Grid

Our Grid

2019-09-15 18:46

reporter   ~0002154

Confirm this still going on, and once started does not stop without a client. sometimes server reboot.



2019-10-02 19:23

reporter   ~0002156

The sound occurs in the room having the pressure problem, rather than the sound emanating from the Life Support panel. When doors are closed adjacent rooms can hear very subtle thumping sound.

If you depressurize the room the thumping sound goes away but returns once it's repressurized. Only the restart as described above resolves the issue.

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