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0000821HellionBug2018-12-04 14:12
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Summary0000821: The base is shaking and hurting me on getting close

I've made a video:

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Not really a step-by-step reproduction, but not sure how to do it a better way in this case.

I had a Steropes with storage module and T-like module anchored together. First I was "driving" the T-like as I wanted to dock it to my full base, but it was very slow and unresponsive probably due to the heavy load it was carrying and I had a little nitro in there. So I closed the access panel and went to Steropes to finish the maneuver. It was better but for some reason, some of the directions were reversed, up-down was only one correct.

Nonetheless, I've finished it and when exiting Steropes I got some small damage and was ejected from the door rather fast. During this uncontrolled ejection, I've noticed that T-like module I was driving before has small smoke effects around it from RCS. This could have been a reason of reversed control if there was anti-force. Those RCS smokes disappeared after a bit.

I've managed to get into the base really carefully and check on Nitro reserves on that T-like module, but it was all gone and yet whole base is still jumping.

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2018-12-03 19:01

reporter   ~0001630


problem seems to be that all thrusters went online after i docked to the base.. even the thristers of the LSM which had no nitro in RCS ^^

this force the whole base to move and shake/rubberband.. u can be lucky if u come inside without getting damage or getting killed.

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20181202100304_1.jpg (144,090 bytes)
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2018-12-04 08:55

reporter   ~0001636

I am thinking that this might be related to my other issues with game crash. It happened with the same base.



2018-12-04 14:12

reporter   ~0001638

There is a known issue when you dock multiple modules (ship is also a module) at once to another target.
Somehow the RCS doesn't get zeroed out and it can get in an uncontrollable spin.

Previous major build seemed to handle it a bit better.

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