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0000834HellionSuggestion2018-12-07 13:23
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Summary0000834: Fort Belerephon is way too hard

I am really, I mean really bad at shooting. It's rather unfortunate if only way to progress in a quest is to be a good shooter. I mean it would be bearable if those turrets wouldn't be so deadly. If there is a non-violent way already, it's really well hidden.

Also considering that all previous quests were rather calm and focused on exploration and survival, it feels like a huge jump in difficulty to be facing numerous turrets like that.

Would be lovely if I could, for example, sneak through some tunnels around into a control room which would allow me to turn off those turrets from power terminal after docking Steropes to the station.

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2018-12-06 21:45

reporter   ~0001689

Fighting turrets can be difficult, they should be.
They shouldn't be trivial to defeat as they are one of the only means of defending player stations in multiplayer.
They are already rather easy to overcome for a practiced player, exterior turrets can be sniped without any risk, interior turrets can be reliably confronted head on by even a single player with an automatic rifle.
However, providing alternatives for their defeat in quests would be ideal.
Some quests send the player to stations with turrets that have no Command module to lock power controls, in these cases it is trivial for the player to anchor to the station and power down all turrets. This is too easy.
other stations however that have Command modules offer no alternative to direct confrontation with the turrets.

Some suggestions to mitigate this...
more reliable grenade throwing, let players work with EMP and AP grenades from cover.
higher tier hacking tools which may allow proximity wireless hacking of turrets and/or remote control of doors (open a door without getting too close)
use of basketball to trigger door opening from range
higher tier EMP that may disable power on an entire module for a period.



2018-12-07 13:23

administrator   ~0001692

Can't basketballs already be used to 'distract' turrets? Pretty sure they have in the past.

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