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0000880HellionSuggestion2018-12-17 12:02
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Summary0000880: Gun Racks - Allow Use Of Two Top Left Slots

Gun Racks - Allow Use Of Two Top Left Slots

We pick up loot from these points, it would be very useful to store canister, stimpacks, etc where we do not have any provision for such.

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Our Grid

Our Grid

2018-12-16 23:04


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2018-12-17 12:02

reporter   ~0001738

Top! I also would suggest adding places at typical places where you would put things.
Like in the Creq Quarter under the tesla coil, in the cupboard (in all access points), and so on.

Also I would suggest adding something like a attach point separator. Like make if possible to put multiple vertrical objects into one small attach point (like multiple hacking tools), or something like a box for stimpacks where you could put 3x3 or 4x4 stimpacks inside.

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