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0000882HellionSuggestion2018-12-16 23:27
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Summary0000882: Proteus Suit Helmet - Double Click Equip/Remove to Inv (not the Visor again)

Proteus Suit Helmet - Double Click Equip/Remove to Inv (no Not the Visor again)

  • I am NOT talking about the visor, we've done that enough maybe.

Would be great if Double Clicking on your Head, would put it into your Inv, Not your Hands.

Then to Equip it, Double Click in Inventory, it goes on your Head, not to your Hands!

(both steps, free space provided, else back to your hands again)

Steps To Reproduce

Double click the Proteus hat.

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Our Grid

Our Grid

2018-12-16 23:27


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